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Skilled in graphic design, photography, screen and Riso printing, we’ve got your advertising and printing needs covered.
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A Riso printer looks like a copier (1), has the efficiency and affordability of a modern printer (2), and creates a distinct hand-made look (3).

  1. Except it’s not. It’s an internally duplicating stencil through which ink within a spinning drum is forced through and left to absorb onto the paper.

  2. Even better, Riso ink is vegetable oil-based, and much less power is needed because it’s left to absorb rather than treated. Riso is super environmental and sustainable as you can print high volumes with little ink.

  3. Riso was originally used for low precision office copies. It is exactly this which we have reclaimed, as the misregistration and smudging that occurs are just off-centre enough to be unique and exciting.

We currently stock 5 colours; Yellow, Fluo Pink, Red, Blue & Black